Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Emily,
I'm having a great time in Spain with my friends. The weather is beautiful. The sky is clean and the sun is shining. We're staying in a small hotel near the beach. The hotel is small andy very quite. Yesterday, I was on the beach. I swam in the see and I played volleyball on the beach. I was sunbathed too and now I'm vey tanned. Spanish cuisine is really fantastic! I'm sitting in the restaurant and eating seafood right now. In here, there are the most beautiful seascapes that I've ever seen and people are very kind and funny. The worst thing in here is lack of Internet in my hotel!
I hope to see you soon.

Bye for now,
Dear Andrzej,
I'm in Jamaica at the langnage camp.
I am learning English here. The weather is fantastic ! It's hot and sunny. In my free time I am sunbathing on the golden beach.
Come to my place in the last week of August!

Pocztówka jest krótką formą użytkową , więc aż tyle nie musisz pisać ;) hihi na pocztówce może by się nie dało zmieścić tyle :))