Work in grups of three .Use the words on brackets to think of ideas .

One day (when?) , I was in (where?) , I was with (who?). It was (weather?). We were (doing what?).

We were (doing what?) when , suddenly we heard (what noise?) .We went (where?) and we saw a (what ghost?) in (what clothes?). It/He/She was (doing what?) .

We felt (how?) and we (did what?). Then we (did what?). In the end , we told (who?) about the ghost . They (did/didn't) believe us!

to zadanie ma byc w formie opowiadania ..i o duchaach :)



One day ON 20 OF JULY , I was in KOŁOBRZEG , I was with MY FRIEND. It was SUNNY. We were GETTING A TAN.

We were SWIMMING when , suddenly we heard A SCREM .We went THERE and we saw a WANDA'S GHOST in BLACK CLOTHES. She was HAUNTING .

We felt FRIGHTENING and we RAN AWAY. Then we GOT HOME. In the end , we told MY MOTHER about the ghost . They didn't believe us!
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