In teams, make sentences with the words/ phrases in the list.
fancy,busy,meet,football practice, favourite, can't stand, crazy about, hate, brilliant, main instrument, band, slow, actor, modern live, come from, awful, science fiction, play, listen, singer



Fancy Do you fancy going to the cinema tomorrow night?
busy He is very busy at the moment.
meet I'm going to meet my friends
football I love playing football
practice I practice dancing every week
favourite My favourite color is red
can't stand I can't stand waiting on this movie
crazy about I'm crazy about singing
hate I hate waiting in a queue
brilliant It's a brilliant idea!
main instrument My main instrument is drum
band Voice base band ranges from 20Hz to 15KHz
slow I'm as slow as snail
actor Johny Depp is my favourite actor
modern live nie mam pojęcia
come from She comes from Japan
awful Look at this awful t-shirt!
science fiction My favourite category of films are science fiction
play I play football every Wednesday
listen I listen to Mozart.
singer Shakira is one of the worst singers i have ever listened to.