Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Helen,
How are you ? i hope you're well and looking forward to your next holiday. I wish the school year was over so I could pack my bags and set off on a long journey. Instead i've got to study for my final exams!

I"m writing to ler you know that i think i brought one of your shirts back with me to poland. i must have packed it by accident. it's a red v-necked T-shirt with a small black Levis logo on the front. I remember you wearning it when we were in london.

could you do me a favour and check if u've taken my red shirt to denmark with u ? i had a very similar one to yours exept that instead of a levis logo on the front, there is a wrangler one. you might have put it into your suitcase when leaving the flat. if u did, please send it to my address in Poland, and i'll send you the one i have

well, that's all for now

best wishes,
Hi Ania,
How are you?. Thank you for your recent letter. I hope everything is fine with you. I'm writing to tell you, because I have great news. Remember our mu neighbour Jola from high school? You won't belive, two weeks ago at the party she met a great boy, tall blond with blue eyes. His name's Tomek. He is ver sociable and funny. he is fashionably getting dressed. He's intrerested volleyball and Ania is interested in volleyball. They are perfect couple. Since this party they walk with each otcher everywhere. You must come to Warszawa( lub Twoja miejscowość) to see it. I must finish now. I'll write soon. Give my love to you parents. I'll call you next week. I'm looking forward to your letter.
Natalia :)