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The study, which was founded at the initiative of the EP Internal Market Committee showed that the directive on package travel, package holidays and package tours in 1990 is no longer sufficient and needs revision. In preparing the study, presented to the Commission on April 1, experts and researchers analyzed data and conducted a series of tests. The information contained in the study are intended to help Members of Parliament during the forthcoming talks on the package tour and review of the Directive.

Lack of appropriate legal instruments

The European Union currently has no specific legal instrument on security of travel (in addition to the matters contained in the Directive of 1990). Safety regulations are inadequate. The burden of proving negligence or responsibility on the consumer or the organizers - it shows up differently in different member countries. MEPs adopted a resolution in November 2007 policy on tourism, it is not, however, expressed safety clause.

The resulting study recommends that the EU legislation defined the basic safety standards in hotels and zaktualizowało EU recommendations regarding fire safety. In terms of air transport is recommended to introduce an amendment to the directive, so that the organizer was responsible for the accident, which is the consumer, if the airline violates safety rules, working for the travel organizer. The organizer shall not be responsible for the risks associated with terrorism and natural disasters, but should be monitored and communicated to consumers. As for security problems on the road, according to the study, the organizer shall be responsible for the service and tours booked in the resort.
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