I like pizza.
I like tomato.
I like chips.
I'm happy.
I'm angry.
I'm sad.
I'm cold.
It is too cold.
It isn't hot enough.
I like tamale.

I don't like pizza!
I don't like tomato!
I don't like chips!
I'm not happy!
I'm not angry!
I'm not sad!
I'm not cold!
I can't fly!
I can't swim!
I can't sing!

Do you like pizza?
Do you like tomato?
Do you like chips?
Do you happy?
Do you angry?
Do you sad?
Do you cold?
Can you fly?
Can you swim?
Can you sing?
3 3 3
Would you like to be a profesional singer?
What is your favourite day of the week?
They are good at tennis, are they?
When was penicillin discovered?
Does eating carrots improve your eyesight?
When is musictoo loud?
What food constains vitamin C?
Can you ask him to phone me?
Can I speak to Carol, please?
What animals would you like to see?

They still make trips into the desert.
The camels carry huge baskets.
Our room's quite nice.
Teachers organise the afterschools clubs.
Private classes are expencive.
I can speak Polish and English.
I prefer dancing to acting.
Death is peaceful, easy, life is harder.
I'd rahter be a film director.
My school is more expensive than most schools.

I am not eating sweets this mounth.
I can't stand old houses.
I don't mind goldfish.
I didn't have to study very much.
I don't a lot of about astronomy.
She don't like listening to music.
I didn't think it was very easy.
I haven't tried diving.
She is not learning Russian.
He is not reading Twilight.
2 3 2
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Twierdzące :
1. I read books at night.
2. She likes swimming.
3. You have a party.
4. He does his homework.
5. I'm happy.
6. You wake up late.
7. She listens to the music.
8. The dog eats meat.
8. You ride a bike.
9. You look at me.
10. You like watch MTV.

Przeczące :
1. I not read books at night.
2. She doesn't like swimming.
3. You not have a party.
4. He doesn't do his homework.
5. I'm not happy.
6. You not wake up late.
7. She doesn't listen to the music.
8. You not ride a bike.
9. You not look at me.
10. You don't like watch MTV.

Pytania :
1. Do I read books at night ?
2. Does she like swimming ?
3. Do you have a party ?
4. Does he do his homework ?
5. Am I happy ?
6. Do you wake up late ?
7. Does she listen to the music ?
8. Do you ride a bike ?
9. Do you look at me ?
10. Do you like watch MTV ?
12 4 12