1.Napisz pytania do pogrubionych fragmentów zdań.

MEG likes Jill - Who likes Jill? - przykład
a) MARZENA likes science fiction films. -
b) PETER JACKSON directed the Lord of the Rings. -
c) BRAD PITT played in this film. -
d) JOHN opened the window. -
e) MAŁGORZATA KOŻUCHOWSKA plays in this series. -


Napisz pytania do pogrubionych fragmentów zdań
Kuba went to Italy LAST WEEK. - When did Kuba go to Italy?
a)She loves reading FASHION MAGAZINES. -
b)They had TOAST for breakfast. -
c)Jake was NINE YEARS OLD when he started learning French. -
d)Jennifer usually helps HER MUM with the house work. -
e)FRANK plays the main role in the play. -




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1a who likes science fiction films
b who directed the Lord of the Rings?
c who played in this film?
d who opened the window?
e who plays in this series?

a what she loves riding?
b what they had for breakfast?
c how old was he when he started learning French?
d whom usually helps Jennifer with the house work?
e who plays the main role in the play?

What she loves to read?
What they had on breakfast?
How old was Jake when he starts learn english?
Who Jenifer usually helps with her house work?
Who plays the main role?
1. a) Who likes science fiction films?
b) Who did direct the Lord of the Rings?
c) Who did play in this film?
d) Who did open the window?
e) Who play in this series?
2.a) What does she like read?
b)What did they have for breakfast?
c) How old was Jake, when he started learn French?
d) Whose Jennifer helps in house work?
e)Who play the main role in the play?
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