UWAGA !!!!!!!!

Napisz scenariusz do pierwszego odcinka wymyślonej przez ciebie telenoweli.Opisz krótko głównych bohaterów,relacje miedzy nimi i to,co się wydarzy w pierwszym odcinku.Na 90 lub więcej słów.




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
George Lubitch -the head of a family Lubitch, He has some problem with alcohol,But nobody kwow about it.He is a lawyer.

Francesca Lubitch -wife George,She likes so much drive a bus.
She is dentist.

Ana Lubitch- George's mother, She likes hunting.Last week she hunted neighbour's cat.

Michael Lubitch- Son George's. Anybody know why he is black, when every body in Lubitch Family are white, but They aren't racists.He has a big singing's talent.

Kate Lubitch- George's daughter, all time she spend on party, shopping and met with her friends.

of secondary importance cast:
David- Kate's boyfriend
Ben- Lubitch's butler
Luke- he knows everybody, close friend family
Natasha-close fiend Francesca's

screenplay of an episode 1 season
All plot happen in New York in 1999 year.
Lubitch family is ritch because 20 years ago Grandfather Lubitch Found on his garden deposit of mineral oil.
Now everybody live id very big hause with 52 rooms, 12 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, pool, and discoroom with the biggest discoball in New York.
George and Francesca have some problem with themselves.
George thinks that Francesca drives a bus too often.Francesca
can't stop because she loves that...
Ana wants to go to Africa.She wishs hunt a elephant.When she tells this family Gearge say that is stupid idea...
Michael all times is thinking why he is black. He think about some operation, He wants to be white...
Kate and David go to next party drink a lot of alcohol...
Ben is angry for family so he cooks for dinner the cat that was hunted by Ana.