Like every year, I waited eagerly for a holiday. When he finally arrived, it turned out that this year does not leave the sister to my aunt in Masuria. But do not be worried that much, yet you can spend an interesting vacation, even in its place.
With colleagues rode almost every day for bicycling to the water, we played volleyball, and soccer. When it rained the time spent at the computer. I helped the parents, especially dad in the work of individuals.
Holiday passed very quickly. A holiday on the last Sunday happened to me ridiculous adventure.
In the morning I went with my dad to pick mushrooms. The day was sunny and warm. Over the past two days it rained so expect a hearty Dump mushrooms. When we came to the forest. Dad decided that he rozdzielimy, but we were in sight. At the beginning of what once glanced at my dad. But after an hour I landed on these mushrooms that I forgot about everything. Once I had a full basket, glad I addressed in a direction where he was a dad. However, it is not seen. Whistled in a characteristic way, but Dad did not answer. Then I called him several times but no response. I headed all the time in a direction that seemed appropriate. I went at the end of this thicket, it was hard to get by. Tired sat down on some stump, I put next to the basket. Then I heard a grunt, which resembled the sound wild, but I thought it was my dad makes me a stupid joke. So I said nervously:
"But funny!
But the answer I heard nothing but chrząkania. I thought that adults also are sometimes silly ideas. Finally, I shouted:
- Dad, no jokes. Come home now, because I have a full basket and hurt my leg.
But nothing, no response, just grunting all the time. So I knelt down and did not believe his eyes. Some 25 meters away from me I saw a crowd of wild boar, and not - dad. Jumped to his feet and walked away as quietly as possible from this place. I walked in the opposite direction than they were wild. I was sure that this is not the direction home. But that was not important. It was important to not have heard me wild. After some 15 minutes, strangely enough, I bumped into my dad, who was in the basket just a few mushrooms. I told them what happened. And my dad said with a laugh:
-Well, where have these mushrooms?
Only then I noticed that I do not trash it with mushrooms. We returned to that place. Wild boars were not, but my mushrooms or not there. Were only remnants of the feast that had left the wild. I did not want to continue to mushroom. Amused and tired we went home.
I like animals, but the more I do not want to meet wild boars in their way, except that they will be tamed.
That was my coolest adventure holidays in the past.