Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
When the spring came to Great Brita , young Jeff decided to go somewhere far away of the city. He was looking for a nice place with a beautiful view and fresh air. he found cheep house which was called "Funky knocking". Jeff was happy , because he didn't have a lot of money and he wont to relax. He called to "Funky knocking" and reserved a room for one person.
When he arrived to "Funky Horse" , he couldn't belie that in our world are place like that ! It was brilliant ! Everywhere were trees and lakes , it was really nice .
But he stll couldn't belive why this room is so cheep. But in nexthours...he know that....
When He come back from the walk to room, He decided to had a shower . When he was having a shower he heared a litlle bit weird noise ; the noise was like someone was going to his room . He had done the shower , take a kneef and go to the room to take the thief. In room was mess. But no one was there. He was startled. But he though "Oh, that's no problem , I can tidy that." . Then he watched tv , on tv was his favourite serial - Dr.Hause . When he was watching tv he heared very weird noise. the noise was like someone was knocking to his window and doors. He didn't know what to do. The noice was louder and louder and he didn't know where was the noise - maker.
On the next day , he went to host of "Funky Knocking" and asked what was that in the night. The Host was laughing about him. He was angry , and asked host why he are laughing. He said that the room was really cheep because the house is haunted. He couldn't believe. But when the host told him the story of a house , and about the man whose burnt in this house , he believed her and go away from "Funky Knocking".