You have come back from a two-weeks trip abroad. In a conversation with your friends, talk about:
*what the food was like
*why you liked/didn't like it
*what the food was like in comparison to the food in your country

Bardzo proszę o jak najszybsze rozwiązanie tego zadania....



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Me: Hi !
Friend: Hi ! How was the trip ?
Me: Fine , thanks :) It was really cool !
Friend: Yes ? Tell me something about that
Me: Ok ....ym the food was sometimes good - I had some oriental food, spaghetti with shrimps and a lot of things like that.
But one day i had an octopus for a dinner ! That was disgusting !
Friend : Octopus ? Really ? How was that ?
Me: Hmmm It was taste bad potatoes with tomato sauce.
Firend: Oh... It had to be horrible.
Me: Yes....
Friend: So , how do you think; the polish food is better then theirs ?
Me: Yes !of course !