James Cameron had a dream. He must have because this film closely mimics the wildest dream one could ever had. The world of Pandora is the world we all wish we could live in. A world of adventure and mysterious happenings that capture your heart and transport you there. A world of peace, bravery, humanity, spirit and care. A world of love above all else. A world worth dying for. The Na'vi closely resemble the native American Indian's when the white man came to pillage the land for their own gain. That story is the same but set in the far off future.

A time where man has obviously forgotten it's past lessons and a repetition of history occurs. The world of Pandora is united under a common belief and stay united under a common threat. The death and destruction of this world can only be defended with an argument involving a valuable mineral. The want for money is human nature I suppose.

I will not say to much more about this film as you really do need to see it. It easy rivals middle-earth as being the most imaginative film world of the past ten years. This movie will arise arguments within your own mind, will hit you like a sledge hammer to the chest and WILL stay with you well after you leave the cinema. To sum this film up in one world is impossible.

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