Write a ghost story. Follow the steps.
step1 Use the words in brackets to think of ideas.

One day (When?), I was in (where?). I was with (who?). It was (weather?). We were (doing what?).
We were (doing what?) when, suddenly, we heard (what noise?). We went (where?) and we saw a (what ghost?) in (what clothes?). It/He/She was (doing what?).
We felt (how?) and we (did what?).Then we (did what?). In the end, we told (who?) about the ghost. They (did/didn't) believe us!



One day ago, I was in castle.
I was with my best friend.
It was sunny. We were going to old monument.
We were doing watching this when, suddenly, we heard shrill noise. We went go there and we say a big ghost in white clothes.
He was looking at us .
We felt fear and we did run. Then we did looking when he was . In the end, we told my mum about the ghost. They didn't believe us !
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