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Dear Natalia!
How are things with you? Are you well? We're all fine here.
I'm really looking forward to the holidays, My friend Carols and I are going to go to the coast for two weeks-on our own!!

We're going to travel there by train- we can get cheap tickets because we're students. And we're going to camp. carols knows a great camping site.

There's so much to do there - we're going to swim, and surf, and dance.And of course, meet lots of girls!

What are your holiay plans? Were are you going to go?

Looking forward to hearind from you,

Best wishes




Dear Erik,

I'm fine, thank you.
It is very hard job to find a really exciting holidays, but I think that your holidays will be gratefull.

On my holiday I go to the mountains with my family. We go swimm to lake and go dance. My best friend travel with us.

We go there by bus, but It was only two hours trip.

Please send me a postcard from your holidays.

See you soon,