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Rose is one of the most beautiful among the types of plants, whose advantages appreciated in antiquity, and since that time, Rose takes a leading place among the ornamental plants, often called the "queen of flowers". Roses are all over the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere and are in the form of shrubs, very different, depending on the species. Their height varies from fifteen inches to ten feet up in the form of climbing. Stems straight, czepne or płożące is armed or less numerous in the spines.

I chose this plant is because it is she, the queen of flowers ", is beautiful and delicate

Lily of the valley is protected by European plant. Grow up to 20cm, grows by rhizomes, forming dense colonies carpet. A flower reaches its splendor in the 2-3 year after planting. Leaves oblong, elliptic, dark green, yellow in autumn and disappear quickly reaching heights of up to 25 centimeters. Small, beautifully fragrant, white flowers hanging in the shape of bells gathered in loose bunches.

I chose this plant is because it has a sweet smell, a delicate flower.

Tulipan - perennial plant onion, with a short, wczesnowiosennym growing season. Onions must be renewed annually. Szczypulka flower upright, up to 80 cm. Blooms in April-May for 10-15 days. And mixtures of species tulips can be divided into several main groups covering a lot of variety. This list of varieties each year varies. Reach new and some old disappear.

I chose this plant because it is a beautiful flower, beautiful colors found in.

Poppy crop is a popular one-or long-term. It grows throughout Europe. For many years known of its medicinal properties. Most suited to this variety Opium poppy, it has a large size, beautiful flowers almost all colors without yellow and blue. They may be single or complete. Their large number of varieties makes the crop. A characteristic feature of the poppies is that after breaking secrete milky juice. Many gardeners like poppies, and it grows, but many of them want to get rid of all costs and consider them to be weeds.
I chose this plant just because people consider it a weed, and is a beautiful flower.

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