Opisz swojego zwierzaka . i w treści muszę znajdować się odp na te pyt :
1. Have you got a pet ?
2.What is it ?
3.What's its name?
4.How old is he/she ?
5.What does he/she look like ?
6. What can he/she do?
7.Why is he/she so special?

proszę szybko daje dużo punktów kochani :)))) :* :D



Pet have milk.
Ii it cat.
He's name Jack.
He's two old.

5He's like milk
7He;s special in games.
I've got a pet. It's a dog. Her name is Maggie. She's five years old. She is pretty. She's brown with white ears. She can play football with her nose. She is special because she's from shelter. I love Maggie so much.
I have got a very cute pet. It's a rabbit, called Snowy. It's really cute! Her age is seven months. She's snow, little and really cute! She's got beautiful, blue eyes! She can jump very high and jump into my legs. She's very special pet, because it is my favourite pet and I love her!