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I get up at 7 o'clock. I eat breakfast at 7:20. I go to the school at 7:40. I go to the house at 15 o'clock. I ea dinner at 15:30. I do homework at 16 o'clock.I go to the lessons dance at 17 o'clock. I watch tv at 19 o'clock. I play games a computer at 21 o'clock.I go to the bed at 23 o'clock.

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I get up at 6:00. Half-past six I eat my breakfast. About 8:00 I watch television and packed on the train to the Polish. Around 12:00 am in the school. About 14:30 I eat lunch at my friends in the cafeteria. To 19:00 I have classes there. At 20:00 I go to my aunt that there overnight. At 20.30 am eating dinner and watching a movie or doing my homework. About 24:00 I go to sleep. That is my Friday.

On Saturday I get up at 7:00 and eat breakfast. I leave for school at 8:00. I was there until 19:00. In the meantime, eat dinner there, I meet with my friends and I talk with teachers. To my aunt's house back around 20:00.

Sunday is a bit like Saturday, but I leave at 20:00 I go to Poland and Germany.

During the week I work at a German restaurant.
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