Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up 6:00. Sometimes I don't eat my breakfast. I am a school 8:00 am. Don't ride buses because he commutes by train. I'm at school until 19:00. There eating dinner, I meet with my friends and I talk with teachers. Back home at 20:00. About 24:00 I go to sleep.
First I get up at 7 am. Later i take shower and go to the kitchen. I don't eat brekfast, I only make sanwich to school. I started school at 8 o'clock. I have 7 Lessons tuday. I come back home by bus. Than I eat lunch. At 17 pm. I don't study, but I swim in the swimingpool. Later I make homework. In the evening I watch TV. At 22.00 go to bad and get asleep.
O get up at seven o'clock. I don't eat breakfast.Then I brush my teeth. I get dressed and I go on bus halt and I wait on bus.At three o'clock I come back about school.I eat a dinner. I learn two hours then I meet a friends. I come back to home at six o'clock. I watch a TV and eat supper. I have a shower .I listen music before sleep and I go to sleep at ten o'clock.

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