MAM DO NAPISANIA 3 OSTATNIE DNI CO ROBIŁAM(NP. CZWARTEK 11 STYCZŃ, PIĄTEK 12 STYCZEŃ, SOBOTA 13 STYCZEŃ) W CZASIE PRZESZŁYM. KONIECZNIE MUSZA WYSTĘPOWAĆ TAKIE WYRAZY JAK (after, before, during,later,suddenly,when... Z GÓRY DZIĘKUJĘ (prosze o napisanie tego po angielsku z tłumaczeniem na polski)



(Thurstday) 11th January 2010- I woke up about 8 am and went to take a shower which lasted for at least 20 minutes, but was worth it as I was very sleepy so I needed a good wake up call.
After morning shower I went to get changed for school and eat my breakfast which consisted two eggs and bacon.
After that I got out of house and went to school which was just across of street, but before I walked in through front door and I've meet a friend of myne which I have't seen for ages. Suddenly I realised that I am already late for a class so I had to say goodbye and go.
Couple of hours later after a hard day it was time to go home.
I ate my dinner, did homework and went to bed on 10 PM.

(Friday) 12th January 2010- Day started as always from a morning shower and breakfast. Nothing exciting happened at school till I actually left and later went back home to be ready for Saturday which appeared to be very fun.

(Saturday) 13th January 2010- I was so excited that it was finally Saturday, the day that everyone did absolutely nothing, accept some of my geeky friends who were learning notes of by heart were getting ready for a night's fun at local club.
During that time I knew that I can't really go to club as I was thrown a lot of work from teachers that had to be done. I caredless till my mom actually threatened me that teachers will actually kill me if I wont have it done for Monday, so I thought about it for a moment and understood that I really need to get my acts together and do some revision and I spent some long time doing my homework till 10PM and was exosted to even think about going to any club.

Prosze cie bardzo, co mi slina przyniosla na jezyk.
Nie jest to bez sensu, ale w miare dobre, i sorry ale na Polski juz mi sie nie chce tego tlumaczyc, uzyj translatora to bedziesz miala ogolna wiedze.
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