Proszę o ułożenie dialogu o spędzonych wakacjach (może być wymyślony) z użyciem tych zwrotów (obojętnie którego):
a trekking holiday in...
a cruise on the ...
a sightseeing tour of..
a trip to the ...
WHAT Happened:
what you did
what you ate and drank
who you met
what the weather was like
what unexpected yhings happened to you
what souvenirs you bought

W Czas oczywiście przeszły PAST SIMPLE

może sie zacząć:
a)you aren't going to believe it when I tell you about my holiday in ...
b)why? what happened?

Najlepiej jak by coś w tym stylu było;)
minimum 12 zdań

Bardzo proszę o pomoc i z góry dziękuję
Daję max



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Hi Anna!
*Oh, Hi I didn't see you. Why you are so happy?
-I was at holidays.
*Really? Where? What kind of holidays?
-That was a trip to the London.
*What you did there?
-I spent there really good time. I did shopping, I was on really big swimming pool and I visited very many beautiful places.
*What the weather was like?
-Oh, the weather wasn't very good. It was rainy, but few days were really shiny.
*Who you met there? Somebody famous?
-I think that I saw there Paris Hilton, but I met there other people, too.
*What you ate and drank there?
-Fish and cheaps, you know that's the most popular dish in England? And very tasty. What I drank? Everything what in Poland.
*What souvenirs you bought?
-Souvenirs? Hmm... I bought souvenir of London Eye with inscription "Welcome in London".
*Oh that's great! When I was on holidays I had few problems, there were always. What unexpected things happened to you?
-Oh I forgot. There were problems on airport. They didn't want to let me to the plane!
-Beacuse my bag was too heavy, but after few minutes they let me to the plane.
*That's good.
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