Zadanie 3.
1.My grandma finds computers quite frightening.
2.Kate is a bit sensitive, but not very.
3.She's not very moody at all -she's always cheerful.
4.It's really hot in December in Queensland, Australia.
5.My brother is very annoying...
Zadanie 4.
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I like my friend Vicky because she's a very cheerful person. She's also quite sensitive. She doesn't like big groups of people, because she's a bit shy. But when we are on our own, she's really chatty and extroverted.
Zad. 5
1. My best friend is really pretty.
2. I like him/her because he/she is a bit funny.
3. He/she's also a bit seriously.
4. Sometimes he/she is very boring.
5. When he/she is sleeping, he/she is very sweet.

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