From: Hugo
To: Pierre
Topic: Something about you :)

I was very intersted in your email.
What music do you like? I like rock music. I don't like heavy metal, but I like rap and r'n'b too. And what about films, Pierre? I like "Avatar". It's really exciting. What sports do you play? I play basketball, football and I'm swimming. But I think the best one is basketball - because I'm tall and I usually win! I like football, because it's a real boys sport. And swimming. I like it, but it depends I'm in pool or sea (I don't like swimming in the sea, river and lake. I like doing it in pool). My hobby is playing computer games too. And about school... I don't like Maths, Science and French, but I'm good at PE and History. I'm in school basketball team.
Please write soon!
Hugo ;)