Opisz swoj dom zaczynając zdaniem "Let me show you arande the house..." przy urzyciu wzrotów:
- on the first floor
- on the seoand floor
- opposition / in front of you/ next to/ between under
- this is in the corner
-there is /are
- in the attic
- in the cellar
- upstaris/ dawmstairs
- this is where we keep



  • Yobo
  • Początkujący
I really love this room. My room is huge. It has 20 square miters. It is placed in the southern part of my house. There are two windows in which I can see my neighbours. The walls in my room are green and so it?s well lit.
In my room there?s a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. I do my homework here, so there?s a desk and a chair, too. I?ve got a CD player. It?s on my desk. I listen to CDs when I?m in my room. My CDs are in a box under the desk. My dog Fafik often sleeps in my room. His bed is in the hall downstairs, but he likes to sleep under my desk. There is a lot of space in the centre of the room. There is white carpet on the floor. The room is very comfortable in my opinion and I?m pretty satisfied with it.