• Użytkownik Zadane
You are reading a book. Ty czytasz książkę.
Mary is having breakfast. Mary je śniadanie.
They are running. Oni biegną.
I am taking my bag. Zabieram swoją torbę.
We are waiting for my uncle. Czekamy na mojego wujka.
He is looking at the stars. On patrzy w gwiazdy.
We are doing our homework. Robimy (odrabiamy) zadanie domowe
Are you reading a book? Czytasz książkę?
Is Mary having breakfast? Czy Mary je śniadanie?
Are they running? Czy oni biegną?
Am I taking my bag? Czy zabieram swoją torbę?
Are we waiting for my uncle? Czy czekamy na mojego wujka?
Is he looking at the stars? Czy on patrzy w gwiazdy?
Are we doing our homework? Czy robimy (odrabiamy) nasze zadanie domowe?
You aren't reading a book. Ty nie czytasz książki.
Mary isn't having breakfast. Mary nie je śniadania.
They aren't running. Oni nie biegną.
I am not taking my bag. Nie zabieram swojej torby.
We aren't waiting for my uncle. Nie czekamy na mojego wujka.
He isn't looking at the stars. On nie patrzy w gwiazdy.
We aren't doing our homework. Nie odrabiamy zadania domowego.

1. I am going to school.
2. You are singging in the car.
3. He is eatting eggs.
4. She is playing tennis.
5. It is readding book.
6. You are listenning music.
7.MY parents are buying a car.
8. Susan is playing the piano.
9. Your friends are talking a shower.
10.Tom is building a house.

1. I am isn't going to school.
2.You aren't singging in the car.
3.He isn't eatting eggs.
4.She isn't playing tennis.
5.It isn't readding book.
6.You aren't listenning music.
7.My parents aren't buying a car.
8.Susan isn't playing the piano.
9.Your friends aren't talking a shower.
10.Tom isn't building a house.

1.Am I going to school?
2.Are you singging in the car?
3.Is he eatting eggs?
4.Is she playing tennis?
5.Is it readding book?
6.Are you listenning music?
7.Are my parents buying a car?
8.Is Susan playing the piano?
9.Are your friends talking a shower?
10.Is Tom building a house?