I the picture I can see a policeman.
He is a young man and he is put in uniform.
He is standing on the road and he is keeping a radar for measuring the speed. Before the policeman a car is standing .
In the background is a motorway.
I think that weather is badly because sky is dark and one can see that a rain fell.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the picture I can see a policeman. He is wearing his uniform, a fluorescent vest and a police cap.
In the background there is probably a motorway because I can see some kind of gate which normally is not common for a regular street and two traffic cones. Besides I can see a surveillance camera which is monitoring all that is happening. This picture was taken in Poland because the policeman has Polish emblem on his cap. It must be cold because the policeman is wearing gloves and warm clothes. He is working and he seems to be focused. In his left hand he is holding speed radar and in his right a police signaling disc. This policeman is controlling the road traffic by measuring the speed. If a driver drives too fast, he will stop it and give a fine and penalty points.
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