Mam prośbe o poprawki z angielskiego. Gdynia is my favorite city.I visit this place witch my parentns often in holiday.Gdynia is by the sea.It is big,great town.There is a lot shop and restorant. In the city is nice atmosfer. I would like living there in the future.



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Gdynia is my favorite city. I often visit this town with my parent.
Gdynia is by the sea .it is big, great town. there are a lot shop and restaurant . in the city is nice atmosfer i would like living there in the future .
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My faourite city is Gdynia. I visit this town often on holidays with my parents. Gdynia is near the Baltic Sea. It is a big, great place. There are a lot of shops and reataurants. In this city, there's a nice atmosphere. I would like to live there in the future.
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