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Very rare dreamer. And rarely remember them (the scientists say that every man has several dreams every night, but remember only a small percentage of them). However, tonight I had a dream that will remember for a long time. I would ever go to a concert my favorite band, Iron Maiden. Tonight is a dream come true. At the beginning of the dream I was standing under a large hall with thousands of other fans, waiting for the concert favorites. Queue moved slowly, and finally a pro
As the second track the band played "Fear Of The Dark", one of his best pieces. Everyone knew the words of this song and have added vocalist so we were probably heard many miles from the concert hall. Then, the tradition may be done on stage and appeared in Eddie. Eddie is a huge monster, which is on every tour group is different, but always tries to warm up the audience. This time we had a big hat on his head. Everyone screamed his name
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It was dark...
I was in school in the top floor. I came out of polish schoolroom and went to cloakroom change footwear
night was very cold and not even a single star was shining in the sky. In a distance I could see a dim light of the moon.
The door was locked. I was in trap. Lady was reached from me, she was close, closer, very close! I saw she was in red cloak, red high heels and big red hat with very big brim.
My legs could not move but my fear was even worse. It made me run and after a while I was running like crazy.
turned around and I saw that the big white wolf was looking straight into my eyes. I knew then what it wanted me to do. I started running and shouting at the little girl and….

Everything was gone. I woke up in my bed in my room with my heart beating as never before…
Ja tak miałam i dostałam 5 ;ppp
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I recently had a beautiful dream. I dreamed that I was rich. I had a lot of houses and cars. There was no shortage of anything. In the dream I decided to embark on a journey. Unfortunately, I failed it because I was awakened by an alarm clock.
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