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Dr. ( House ang. House; House, M.D. For tv station ) – american medical serial television produced FOX, which (who) has made debut on antenna 16 november 2004 year. Plot of serial is concentrated on person of doctor gregory house. Doctor in each section (period; episode) House, it along with group in (to) first three seasons physicians ( Allison Cameron, Robert Chase and from fourth season Eric Foreman Chris Taub, Lawrence Kutner and Remy Hadley, known as " " Trzynastka, but from sixth Eric Foreman, Robert Chase, Chris Taub and it tests (try) to diagnose ) Trzynastka and patient displaying (manifest) various appearance (sign) wyleczyć, by other physicians unexplain earlier. It has foreshadowed (has presaged) Jennifer Morrison, that dr. will affix to group house [ 2 ] Allison Cameron. Besides, serial shows private life house and members of (limbs of) groups . In a way form was modeled on form house 3 [ ] Sherlocka Holmesa. It earns positive estimates of critics House and it is glad big caution. In 66 countries distributed, dr. was observed tv program in 2008 year most often House. Many awards has received too, among others, Peabody Award, two globes zloty < golden > and three Emmy. Till now five seasons emit, but premiere (prime minister) sixth had place 21 september 2009.