The name of my friend is......
old is.......
has a very nice cool parents and sister
has many friends and buddies
a reszte sobie dopisz jego bo nie wiem czym się on zajmuje połowe zdania ci zrobiłam i liczę na najjjj
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My friends name is Kate.
She 19 years old.
Her family is very large. She has got 5brothers and 2 sisters.
She is my the bes friend. We always spend time together
She interested in sports, music and animals.
She can well cook, so she has culinary skills.
She study a psychology, becouse in the future she going to work with people.
My friend's name is .....(wpisz jakieś imię). He is middle - aged. He has got very big family. He has got many friends too, because he is very kind and extrovert. When he has got a free time he is playing football with me or he is hearing music. His skills are amazing. He's studying dance on Broadway Academy in London. I really like him.