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Book thinks human – document literary, rather extensive, in the form of multipage publication about definite number of part, at the nature permanent. Today's form of book is explained from code, or sheets of paper (rationing coupons) jointed back, which (who) have substituted former form of literary document along with generalization pergaminu, or they present world heritage of culture zwój.Księgozbiory, but limited capabilities by the reason of on fast access to book in different libraries finding (be placed), but by the reason of on lack of general capability of access to work about historic value sometimes, process take book digitalizacji. Whole book collections are subjected behind assistance for this purpose of constructed scanner specially digitalizacji. Next projects like are initiated world digital (numeric) library if (or) Europeana, facilities of work of literature is purpose which (who), arts if (or) movie of crowd of (reich of) wide recipient (receiver).
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