Hej , mam napisać z anglika coś o swoim mieście , pliss pomóżcie mi mieszkam w Kraśniku , do 36 . mieszkańcow , jakies supermarkety , że jest cichy ciekawe miejsca , i że lubie to miasto . Proszę to na jutro mam ! Tak na pół strony w zeszycie !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I live in Kraśnik. This is a big city in south of Lublin. Here lives 36 thousands people.There are a lot of modern buildings. The town is very modern and beautiful. There aren't any ugly buildings. There's some beautiful scenery and it's very peaceful. There are a lot of cinemas, discos and shops. You can buy some great clothes. There are a lot of interesting places.
I love living here.

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I live in Kraśnik. It is a small town near Lublin. I really like my town, because we have got a lot of extra shop, where we could buy what we what. Of course in good price! AdditionallY we have beutiful park with a lot of exellent tries, which give to us fresh air. I really spend free time with my firends to walking in that park and watching nice nature.
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