Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There are many good reasons to go abroad to study English. Many tourists come to Poland and it is good to communicate with them in English. They need English when they travel and when they communicate at hotels or on the bus station. English is the most popular language in the world. Students can't get a good job today if they don't know English language. English language is also useful when they want to surf the Internet or play computer games. English is an official language in: Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Ireland, RPA, New Zealand, India and a lot of other countries where students can go. Many people at this time find a job to earn extra money. Meybe, one person stay at this country to live there forever? I think people who go abroad can see a plenty of beautiful scenery and they will be more intelligent
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I learn as I want to aim (to tend) at which (who) purpose want teach (learn). I is wanted to teach (to learn) also, in order to for good person exit (outlet) < leave (go out) > and well < goods (right) > life < live >
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I learn this language, 'cause I want to be a important person. In the future english'll the most popular in the world and I'll die when I won't know this language. Simple...
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