Read the sentences with have.

przykład jak ma się zrobić:
They're in a restaurant. They're having dinner.
w ten sposob maja byc te zdania zrobione
1. They're in a restaurant.
2. He's in the bathroom.
3.They're at the pool.
4. It's her birthday.
5.They're at the amusement park.
6.She's in the kitchen at 7:00 am.



2. he taking a shower
3. they are swimming there
4. the party will be great
5. they love it
6. she is making a breakfast
1 4 1
2. He's in the bathroom. He's takeing shower.
3. They're at the pool. They're swimming.
4. It's her birthday. She's makeing party.
5. They're at the amusement park. They're haveing fun.
6. She's in the kitchen at 7:00 am. She's eating breakfast.