Zadanie z ksiązki 'repetytorium-longman' poprosze po ang i tłumaczenie do tego.

polecenie:Role-play the dialogues in the situations.
1.Your friend wants to buy pyjamas that look as if they are for an elderly person.Persuade him/her to buy something for a teenager.
2.Your friend hates buying clothes and wants to buy the first pair of jeans he/she sees in the shop.Persuade him/her to try them on and see if they are OK.



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-That black pyjama with flowers looka great! I want it!
-Listen. You are a teenager. And that pyjama look as it is for eldery person.
-Why do you thing so?
-Becouse teenagers never buy long black pyjamas with flowers. They buy pyjamas with interesting things on it for example funny animals.
-Hmm ok. You're right.

-Buying new clothes is so boring. Oh look! I see great yeans! I'll buy them wait for me here!
-Wait. First you must try dem and see if they are ok. If you don't try them you might not feel good in them. On you they will look quite different!
-Ok. So come with me! You will judge.