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Write a short article about water pollution for the school magazine (60 -80 words).
Oto mała podpowiedź:
Para 1 : People pollute water in many ways. If we don't do something soon, .....
Para 2 : The problem with .... is .... . It can also ..... .
Para 3 : We can .... . If we help, the situation will improve.



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Water is one from more widespread substances in the nature.
Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers 3/4 surface of the Ground
Water are this almost the substance not replaceable no different. Any life possible is on the Ground thanks to her. My she the huge influence on climatical conditions reigning on the Ground, he functions as the ploughland of the relay and the solvable many chemical relationships. he has invaluable meanings for life, health, but also for industry and everyday functioning people. That is why so protecting all water supplies before dirts important is.
Many sources of the dirts of waters exist, both superficial how and underground. Basic made an effect dirts he favours the dirts of the biological, chemical nature, and physical.
To keep the good state of waters, both underground as and to take care superficial and the same about people health and about the behaviour of the clean natural environment, should protect water supplies from dirts come from the industry, transportation and from home people farms. He is the silnie of dirtied rivers in the Poland very a lot of
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