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Crew selected the Amazon expedition to film the mysterious habits of some Indian tribe.
One day he meets a man-Paul (Jon Voight), whose ship stuck on a sandbank. He promises to bring them to the Indian village.
Unfortunately, the success of the expedition soon becomes a question mark.
One of the participants is użądlony by ose water and had to drive back as soon as possible to the civilized hospital. On its face by a dam. With its wysadzaniu barrels of fuel falling from the deck.
Stop at an abandoned wreck, hoping to find fuel for the way forward. It is not a master die unnoticed.
Paul brings great leather box with hoses and equipment to hunt for Anacondas. It turns out he hunter of these animals, terrorizes the crew and the hunt begins. From now on will be accompanied by a giant snake heroes throughout wabiony.
Crew members die one after another, but some manage to survive in the jungle. Will have to fight a battle not only with the man and Anaconda ....

Proszę o najjj ;p film o anakondzie
My film is a hurly-burly day. is very nice, but terrible is about the destruction of szkocji.powstaje new virus called the reaper. is very threatening to the dominant virus mieszkańców.na for chorowuje millions osób.ludzie live in constant fear of a deadly virus called the reaper.Scotland becomes detached from the rest of the world simply is deleted from mapy.grupa special people trying to save the people have not yet attacked the virus. infected people vary in wild zwierzęta.panuje chaos, people do not have enough to eat.
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