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My dream deached home is situated by the sea . It should hire gigant windows which are really important for me to watch and feel the beauties of the nature for example: sunsets, sunries, a moon and of course the stars at night.

I would like to have a big swimming pool , a big kitchen, four bathrooms, five rooms,an enormous living-room with a large fireplace, with pictures, flowers, comfortable armacheir sofa ect.

It will have an entertainment room where ecerybody can watch TV or movies, play videogames, or compiuter, and have fun together.
Imagine the garden outside to be huge full of flowers for example roses and fruit trees. :)

I dream abou a big bedroom with a double bed , a big wardrobe, on old chest with a mirror and many flowers. Iam dramy about Jacuzzi where I could forget about my duties and relax after a very rough day.

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