Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
This story started about 13 May 1753. In that year in small town "Grybów" in Poland strange thing's starts. In old ruined house near the church some people saw a white lady. Some of the people see her in window, where she was standing and looking at the church. In 12 november 1750 she was a fiancee of very rich yound men from the city. Their were happy, but one day in 14 May 1752 the men leave that girl. "I want to be a priest" that was that what he say to her. She can't stand it. And in 13 May 1752 she commit suicide in her family house. And perfectly one year later she started to hount in that house. She wants to be with her fiance. But she can't. She rove around in that house till this day, and she still have hope that her fiance will leave the serving God and he will back to her.

Mam nadzieję że to będzie dobrze.