After 5 days of hard learning at school I wait with anticipation for weekend.My weeks are tiring ,expect for Saturday and Sunday.There are such beautiful days.I rest or do what I want.Even in weekend I try to split my time between duties and pleasures.First day of weekend I always spend active way with friends ,don't care about anything but secend day is a "famili day",spending with parents,brother and grandparents.Two days of freedom I devote on relaxation therefore on Saturday I wake up late,about 10.00 a.m.Then I take a shower and put on my clothes.When I go out from bathroom I go to my room to make a bed.Next I am in kitchen because breakfast is already prepared by mum,who make great flapjacks.When I eat everyhing I go with my older brother on the market and later to the supermartket for shoping.We came back about 1 o'clock.In home I do different hausworks.Usually I clean the strairs and dust.When I finished cleaning I need a little rest in front of tv favourite channel HBO and watching TVNmeteo to know what the weaher will be in the evening when I go out with friends.From 6.00 p.m I sometimes start learning to have less on next day.When the clock strikes 8.00 I meet ith friends to plan spending time nice.We go to the cinema or for some party because we hate a bordom.To home I back about midnight.It depends on where I was.After I fast get into the bath to wash myself.In the end I back to my room ,switche off the light and sleep.The next day I get up early .Sunday morning looks like yesterday.About 8.00 I have breakfast,brush my teeth and dress up but later at 9 o'clock I always go to the smimming-pool because I like keep fit in good condition.After 2 hours of entertainment I come back to home to finish learn,which I've begun on Saturday.At 2.00 p.m I go with family to grandparents for dinner .During it we talk about events from week.Moreover my parents take care about family bounds and when the weather is sunny we all go for a walk to park..After 5.00p.m I already am in my room.There is no one place like home ,when I enjoy to sit in comfortable armchair and listen music.Then I play computer too.At7.30 I have supper and after it ,from 8.00 to 10.00 I return learning.On Sunday I go to bed early because tomorrow will be another hard day.
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