Hi Kate
I just have read your last letter.I don't understand why you want to get fit if I think that now you look great but ok.
Of course I help you. First of all you should know that it could be hard.
You must eat breakfast in the morning before you go to school.
It could my some fruit like banana or apple.You shouldn't drink coffe.
In every day you should eat 5-6 not to big meals.You shouldn't never be full.You cant eat after 6p.m. You must cut down on sweets, fast foods.Your diet must be based on fruits, vegetables and fish.You don't eat meals with a lot of fat and sugar.
It could be better if you begin go to gym or fitness.You can also begin jogging.
I think tat my advences can help you.
Of course if you have some more question please wtite to me.

yours zxc