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Thinks about any sci-fi (science fiction) books or stories you'e read. In pairs, ask and answer these questions

- Who is a sci-fi book would be called Earthman?
-What could aliens look like?
-Describe one unusual invention you remember from a sci-fi story.
-What do you imagine a restaurant at the end of the universe could be like?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- A person who lives on Earth would be callen Earthman.
-Aliens would have green skin, thin legs and long arms Their heads would be round and with really large eyes and tiny nose. They wouldn't have hair.
-One interesting invention I remember is a device that let you read thoughts of other people. It's really small and no one would notice it. You just put it in your ear and then you can get to know what others think of you!
-A restaurant at the end of the universe would for sure be very unusual. I think robots would cook and serve food or maybe food would appear just after you choose any dish from the menu. This restaurant would be very colorful and spacious with comfortable sits. You could fly in it and watch how your meal is prepared or prepare it yourself with robots help.
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