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Dzisiaj nie poszłem do szkoły ,ponieważ byłem chory...
o godzinie dziewiątej pojechałęm z tatą do lekarza i okazało się ,że mam ospe.
Krosty to nie dla mnie więc lekarz przepisał mi leki ...


Today did not go to school because I was sick ...
at nine o'clock, I went with my dad to the doctor and found out that I had smallpox.
Pimples is not for me so the doctor prescribed the medication ...
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

The sound of an alarm clock woke me up.
Another day seems to start very well
A day free of school.
First of all I ate breakfast and took a shower.
When I was taking a shower, the telephone rang. It was Ash.
I agreed to basketball match.
I changes clothes for sport ones and next I runned to the playground.
But it occured that nobody had taken a ball. It made us sad.
We drank pop and then went for a walk to the park.
It was sunny. Tomek's ice cream was melting and he was completly dirty.
After that we went by the lake . Ash had a great idea.
I was worried that the day would be sad but finally we organised a picnic.
I'm so tired that I'm going to bed.
Good night my lovely diary.
Dear diary. I'am writening in you before my date with Suzy. Today was so crazy day! I wake up at eight and i was late for school. But guess what? i forget today is a sunday! I was grin like a Cheshire cat! Then my girlfriend called to me. I completly forget about a date with her! Ups... But that was no problem I still have a five hours for make a arrangements. But still I was obliged to take a dog for a walk, cut the grass in front of the house and deliver newspaper. When I end all of this there was about the time. I still dont know why I'a writening in you becouse I mustgo. So with no any other usless thing i will go to a date. Whish me luck!