• Użytkownik Zadane
For ten years I will have my business, which will produce gold bars, gold monty.
Chcaiłabym also have a husband to start a family and children ..
Make a record of thirteen songs which will be linked to help children.
Parrots and fish is my dream so big aquarium and frame are useful.
Great house with a garden for the family will never be hurt.
I will be living in a small but wealthy village in Poland.
My dream is to also provide money for children's homes.
The husband will be handsome, kind, sympathetic, and children will be liked
Five children; t s a girl and two boys.
These are my dreams, who wants to meet in ten years

I will be owner of powerful corporation.
I will set up family and I will have threesome of fine child.
I will work 6 hours a day.
House will build for my family.
I will have many friends spend with which time be nicely.
I will make something frantic
I will buy area in mountains (top) on fringe of wood (forest) where I will build summer house.
For example, personal patent will process on substitute of plate similar to pendryw.
I will make great step in sphere of science.