Podaje po spodem tekst prosze odp.ta te pytania
Read the article again and answer these quesitions
1. What kind of film is The Mask
2. Where does the sotry take place?
3. Who are the main characters?
4.Who is Stanley find?
6.What happens to his life after that?
7.What does he manage to stop?
8Who's after him?
9.Who arrest him?
10. Who helps him get out of prison?
11. Where does he go?
12. What happens in the end?
13. Why is it the writer's favourite film? In which paragraph does he say so?

O to ten tekst
Would you like to go from zero to hero? When watch The Mask! It is a fantastic comedy, romance and action film, all in one. It is an exellent film because is has got everything@
Stanley Ipkiss is a shy bank clerk id Edge City, USA. He is a nice person but he can't do anythink right. One day, he find's an ancient mask. He but's it on his face and his whole life changes. He can move like Supermen and dance like fred Astaire. He ....... to stop a bank robbery, but he gets the money! The police and the robbers are after him. The police Aurest him and put him in prison but Milo his dog help him to get out. He goes to a nigktclub to save Tina, the girl he likes a lot from the robbers. the police arrest the robbers and Stanley becomes a hero.
All in all, I think The Mask is a great film with fantastic special effects. It's my favorite film because it's funny and exciting



1. The Mask is the medley of kinds, for example romance,comedy, action film.
2.The story does take place in USA.
3.The main character is Stanley.
4.He found a mask.
6.His life changed. He could move like Supermen and dance like fred Astaire.
7.He managed to stop a bank robbery.
8.After him are police and robbers.
9.The police arrest him.
10. His dog, Milo helps him get out of prison.
11.He goes to the night club.
12.In the end the police arrest the robbers and Stanley becomes a hero.
13.The writer likes this film,because he`s so funny and interesting. He says about this in last paragraph.
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