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When I was four my mother give me a teddybear. In this days I was sick and I can't go outside. I wasn't healthy enough to play with other children so i was very sad. But when my mum gives me that toy i was the most happy child in the world. Teddy was so soft and cute and he was smell exactly like my mum. I was hugging him for long hours. He was protecting me from the nightmares. I still have Teddy till this day. He is sitting in a shelf above my bed he still is my guardian at night.

Nie wiedziałem jak go pisać więc niema tu wyglądu. Następnym razem prosiłbym o wytyczne co do opisu.
Aha Misia nazwałem Teddy bo teddybear znaczy pluszowy miś, no więc teddy to zdrobnienie. Ja by co to zmień to imię.
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When I was four years old I got from we have the plush bear. he is beautiful and small. he is brown. he has the bow on the head.I am accustomed to him. I sleep with him and take him with oneself everywhere.