Write an article about your favourite film (100-120 words) for a school magazine, using the plan below.
(Para1) title, type of film, opinion
Main Body
(Para2) main characters, plot
(Para3) restating opinion i reason
Film może być zmyślony(Chyba że jak by ktoś by chciał to moim ulubionym filmem jest seriAL Alarm Fur Cobra11(Kobra oddział specialny) można wpisać w wikipedia i sie wyświetla. Jak oczywiście ktoś by chciał. A jak nie to może być zmyślone)



My favorite film is Twilight. This is romantic-fantasy film.Staring: Kristen Steward, Robert Pattinos and Taylor LAuren. This film is based on Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer. The Main characters are: Isabella "Bella" Swan, Edward Cullen and JAcob Black. Cullen and his family to keep Swan safe from a separate group of hostile vampires. Plot is about forbidden love Bella and Edward. He is a vampire, but Bella loving him. She wants be with him. Conclusion: Edward saves Bella lifes, but Bella have broken leg. Bella decided to be with Edward forever. The film ends with Victoria secretly watching the pair dancing, plotting revenge for her lover James' murder. I recommended this film!
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