Ułóż zdania po angielsku z :
suprised that
suprised by
excited about
to be worried about sb
worried by
I'm bored with
I'm boring
depressed about
depressed by
frightened of
to be fand of
to be in love with sb
to fall in love with sb
to be keen on



I was suprised that I saw a ghost.
She wa suprised by his knowledge.
Am I excited about that song?
I was worried about her lost cat.
I wasn't worried by the weather wasn't fine.
I am bored with that book.
I'm not boring.
We're depressed about our teacher.
Lora is depressed by ilness.
I was frightened of my homework.
You are fand of music.
Kelly is in love with her best friend Robert.
Justin to fall in love with his girlfriend.
I'm keen on doing sport.