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Hello. I`ve just watched news in Tv. Did you heard about burglary into the bank? It was a new bank so it didn` t have a good prevention. Burglar stole a lot of money. And people had a brakedown. Police officers are looking for the burglar now. I think it won`t be difficult. I was very surprised when I was watching this program. It was strange for me that the bank wasn`t prepare on a burglary.
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1 I don't live n Uk. Can I open a account in bank?
Where can I get help in find a job?
Can I vote local election?

2. I read in the neewspaper that old woman was stollen by 2 men
Men stole computer and 20 euro.
I was scared. I am afraid about my grandamother.

3. It's bad idea to call the police.
Maybe we will go to them and tell them about it?
Ok. Great idea