What's typical Monday for you? Use the phrases below to write a short paragraph.You can use your own ideas.

get up, make my bed, have breakfast, walk to school, have lunch, tidy my room, water the plants, do my homework, take out the rubbish, play computer games, watch TV, go to bed

Podam przykład:

I get up at 7:00.I usually make my bed, then I have breakfast.I often walk to school. .....

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I get up at 7 o'clock every morning and i make my bed. I go to bathroom to take a shower, and then i eat breakfast, usually a sandwich. Then i go to school.
I'm at school till 15 o'clock. Immediately after coming back home, i eat a dinner. My mum always prepares me something very good, and after hard day at school, I eat it with a pleasure. After an hour or so, I go to do my homework. After that i always have a free time. I watch tv, play games or go to park.
Finally, after all day i go sleeping.
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