Write an article about your favourite film (100-120 words) for a school magazine, using the plan below.
(Para1) title, type of film, opinion
Main Body
(Para2) main characters, plot
(Para3) restating opinion i reason
Film może być zmyślony. Tylko żeby był jakiś bardziej znany



My favourite film is "Nothing Hill". The film is a romantic comedy. In that film there play my favourite actors Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
The film is about world famous actees Anna Scott and the man who works in the bookshape - William Theacher. They meet and fall in love. "Notting Hill" is my favourite film for two reasons. First, I really liked the acting, especially Julia Roberts. She played fantastically. Second, the dialogues were excellent and situation was very funny. I think that film is a one of the best romantic films in the world.